uKeeper-Web Bookmarklet

To catch pages from the browser you can use uKeeper-Web (bookmarklet).

Registered users may request uKeeper-Web:

The E-mail field is your regular email, the same one you used for registration. As soon as your request approved (usually a few minutes or even seconds) you will receive a confirmation email with the personalized bookmarklet. Drag this bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Bar. Then simply click it when you’re on a page that you want to send to uKeeper.

All communication between this bookmarklet and uKeeper servers protected by strong SSL encryption.

Attention! Bookmarklets available for registered users only.

uKeeper Chrome Extensions

Chrome’s user may want to install this nice extension developed by Yura Chaikovsky. Simple, convenient and works like a charm! In order to use it you should be registered and have Bookmarklet’s confirmation code.

Another uKeeper Chrome Extension from Aleksandr Ch. - the author of our original bookmarklet.

uKeeper Safari Extension

This extesnion developed by Aleksandr Ch. and allows single-click capturing right from the toolbar and pop-up menu of your Safari.

Opera add-on

This extension allows you to quickly send link to the uKeeper servcie. By AlterMax.

uKeeper via Jabber

To catch pages directly from your favorite Jabber client you can send links to JID [email protected].

Registered users may associate the primary email with any JID:

There is a problem with presence status for google’s jabber for some users. From such accounts you may see ukeeper’s jabber as “offline”, but you should be able to send links without any problem.

DropBox integration

Registered users may request uKeeper->DropBox integraton. This will allow yоu to save all of your drops directly to DropBox in addition to the regular destinations.

The E-mail field is your regular email, the same one you used for registration.

Drops will be saved as regular html with all images to Dropbox/ukeeper/[date]/[article]. Click on index.html will show the article in the same way as you see it in your email or evernote client.

Attention! DropBox integration available for registered users only.

Subject modifiers

By altering subject of your email you can archive some interesting results:

Special addresses

IFTTT Recipes

OS X service for uKeeper

This service provides OS X cross application integration, so that any application under OS X can use uKeeper. Developed by Alexander Gorskih.


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