Frequently Asked Questions

?: Why multiple emails? What the difference?

uKeeper tries to cover most common use-cases and provides different mailboxes for different delivery formats:

This is the file with both uKeeper’s emails: vCards

?: I didn’t receive the confirmation email. How long should I wait for this?

The confirmation usually sent in a few seconds after your registration. You may want to check your spam folder for this email, just in case if your email client is “too smart”. In worst case, contact ukeeper support and ask for manual activation. Just send an email from the same account as “E-mail” you used in the registration form, and don’t forget to specify “Forwarding e-mail”.

?: What will happen if a page can not be retrieved?

In this case uKeeper does not have much to do with your link and will send back an email with the original link and some explanation of why it failed to retrieve the page.

?:How can I change registration details?

Practically, the only thing you may want to change is your forwarding email, because there is nothing else to change :) You can achieve it by submitting a new registration request for your primary email on again. In fact, you may submit this as many times as you want.

But keep in mind – you can’t change your primary email. Sure, you can submit and register as many emails as you wish, but technically a new primary email means a new account and your existing bookmarklet/extensions created for another primary email won’t work with the new one. Obviously, nothing prevents you from requesting a new bookmarklet for this email.

?: When looking on the updates page I see a lot of quick releases. Why so often?

uKeeper adopted continuous integration and continues delivery model. This model allows to test, release and deploy right away highly reliable quality code.

?: Why do I need this service? Why not to use something like Instapaper, Pocket or Evernote to catch my links?

Sure you can use whatever you like. Our goal is to address the problem we have been struggling with for a long time - the lack of a one-step ability to save web content from any apps with or without special support to my mailbox or to some other service, for instance Evernote.

?: I see some screenshot of uKeeper to Evernote. How does this magic work?

This is actually very simple. At the time of registration you define Evernote’s email as your forwarding address. From this point uKeeper forwards extracted pages to your Evernote account. Btw, the same way you may forward to kindle.

?: Can I try to play with uKeeper without registering?

Yes. Currently we allow unregistered users to send links. uKeeper will process them and reply back to your email. But keep in mind - this is just a temporary thing and if you are planning to use uKeeper - you better register.

?: How safe to use uKeeper? Could I get some virus in uKeeper’s response?

uKeeper is as safe as the link you send. In reality it may be even safer: due to the removal of noise in the default (NICE) mode, uKeeper will try to clean up extras (including malicious code) from the page you asked to process. In any case - you should not consider uKeeper as a virus protection system because it is not.

?: What is normally the processing time? How long will it take to get a response from uKeeper?

Usually uKeeper is incredibly fast. It detects incoming links in nearly a real-time fashion and spawns multiple workers to make all transformations as quickly as possible. Response time mostly depends on availability of your link. In most cases you could expect uKeeper’s response in a couple of seconds or so.

?: Will uKeeper grab protected page?

It depends. uKepper works fine with SSL protocol (https://….), but if your link protected with some authorization – it will not work, because we have no clue about your username and password and can not request such data on your behalf.

?: How about tags?

You can add @tag as well as #tag at the end of the subject. uKeeper will add these tags to the extracted page’s title and set the subject of response as a “page-title + tags”. Such tags should be fully compatible with Evernote.

?: Is it possible to save pdf with uKeeper?

Yes. If you send a “binary” link (to pdf, doc, xls, ppt, images and more) uKeeper will download the file and will send it back as an attachment.

?: But I want to send a link to some complex page and get it back as PDF or Image file.

No problem. Just add %p (for pdf) or %i (for image) to your subject line.

?: I have sent, just for test link to and didn’t get expected result. Why is so?

uKeeper extracts content, like articles, blog posts, even tweets from received links. In case if you sent something like index page, search results or other links like this, uKeeper has no content to extract. Sure, it will try to get something out of your link, but you can’t really expect it to read your mind and magically understand what you meant and which link from your google’s page you wanted to capture.


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