Version 0.18.2

Version 0.18.1

uKeeper -> DropBox

We have added uKeeper->DropBox integration. See Extras or just go directly to

As soon as you activate this service (disabled by default) all of your drops will be saved as regular htmls with all corresponding images to Dropbox/ukeeper/[date]/[article] in addition to the existing email processing. Click on index.html will show the article in the same way as you see it in your email or evernote client.

Version 0.17.6

Version 0.17.5

New Website

We got a new web site! Since day one uKeeper leveraged a very basic theme based on just slightly modified default Octopress, but not anymore. Big thanks to Dmitry Rybalka (web design) and Ivan Barinov (UI development) for this.

It is still a work in progress and we will continue to improve it and fix the site’s issue (btw, feel free to report) however, all functionality should be available right now and has never looked so good.

Version 0.17.4

Version 0.16.2

Version 0.15.3

Version 0.15.2

This is mostly bug-fixes and internal improvements release.

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