##Just email your link to [email protected] and uKeeper will send a full webpage back. uKeeper helps to keep your web archives in any mailbox, forward full pages from any iOS app and preserve anything important or interesting you found on the Internet.

Join Beta

The E-mail field is your regular email. Forwarding e-mail can be your mailbox as well, or evernote’s email, instapaper’s email or whatever email address you like. You don’t need to provide Forwarding e-mail if you wish to get pages to your primary email.


For limited time you can even use uKeeper without registration in anonymous mode. In this mode any non-registered email will be treated as a valid forwarding email, but keep in mind - this is just a temporary thing and if you are planning to use uKeeper - you better register.

What’s next

uKeeper will scan incoming emails sent to [email protected] (optimized, clean page) or [email protected] (full page) extract a link, retrieve content, run some magic and then send it back as a good looking page. Very simple for now and very much beta. See also Frequently Asked Questions for more info and Extras for some useful tricks.

User Agreement

The short version – you use uKeeper as-is, no warranty no obligations. We don’t sell your personal data and don’t use it for anything unexpected. See full User Agreement for details.


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