Thoughts on Kindle's support

I have started implementation of kindle-friendly processing and immediately run into several strange issues. In addition, I don’t use Kindle regularly and don’t have a clear view on Kindle related use-cases. So, asking for your feedback / advise / bright ideas.

  • According to this list - emailing html attachment should be legit. But all my attempts to send a good-looking html, generated by ukeeper, failed with the message “A problem with your document(s)… The following document, sent at 07:10 PM on Thu, May 17, 2012 GMT could not be delivered to the Kindle you specified: ukeeper.html”. This is the file I have been playing with. Any idea what is wrong here?

  • What about pictures? I tend to believe all pictures should be embedded in the email, right? Or maybe kindle can download it on demand, not sure. Pls, share your experience with such type of documents on your Kindle.

  • How would you suggest to implement the new “Kindle-friendly mode”? I mean, how to specify such mode in your email? It could be, for instance, a new email or alternatively some sort of manual “meta” in the subject or body. Something like “[kindle]” keyword. Frankly, I don’t really like both ideas, but maybe you have something else / better in mind.

  • Should the email in this “kindle-mode” have a body? Probably, amazon doesn’t care about email’s body but checking attachment only. So, making body empty will be ok, right?

Feel free to share your thoughts.



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