• Added initial version of very experimental article extractor. For now you can try it by adding “%” at the start of the subj. It’s buggy and fresh, but has a great potential.
  • Resolved issue with double-quotes in the encoding info sent by some crazy servers. In rare cases it caused “reject email” from uKeeper
  • Resolved problem with multi-line links. Seems like it was mostly outlook’s thing.
  • Optimized downloading and processing of embedded pictures. The same image won’t be processed multiple times and won’t be attached multiple times anymore.
  • In case, if header’s encoding different from meta info, ukeeper will try to autodetect it based on html, and if this detection match header or meta - this one will be used.
  • Added automatic code deployment to all worker’s nodes
  • Created a template for the new worker’s node and automation for quick initial build.


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