version 0.12.4

  • improved accuracy of Outlook’s links processing. In some cases silly Outlook decided to split your link.
  • support of exotic charsets simplified and unified.
  • resolved problems with content and subject in different encodings in forced ! mode.
  • in case if page doesn’t have any title and title can’t be extracted from the content uKeeper adds site’s domain as a title.
  • resolved problem with non-latin urls, with special characters.
  • increased timeout for data extraction to allow slow sites and/or big requests to be processed.
  • fixed processing issue for some links with double-quotes.
  • added ability to customize article extraction in the new parser on the fly.

The last item is extremely interesting one. This is continuation of “very experimental article extractor” introduced in v0.11 and this extractor allows to adjust uKeeper’s behavior on micro-level. For example, making good-looking–in–your–mailbox article from some exotic site, with very unusual layout, can be done in a minute. It also allows to handle known “problematic” sites with minimal article/content but with a lot of valuable comments. And one more thing - this custom extractor could be even user-defined some day, and you will able to specify special behavior (processing) for your favorite site(s).


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