version 0.14.1

  • Added optional multi-link support. To turn it on put ’ at the begining of your subject.
  • Added DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) singature to all ukeeper’s emails. Should make our emails treated better by anti-spam filters.
  • Added support of basic authorization for incoming links. It still a very bad idea to email your user:password, but if you really have to - ukeeper will process it.
  • For the most forgetful users - if you didn’t put any link, either in subject or body, ukeeper will try to do a basic search for you, based on provided subject.
  • Added support of user-defined parsing rules. Not actived yet for most of users, just for a few selected beta-testers.
  • Imporved detection and processing/expanding of short urls.
  • Added unlimited depth for parents in custom parser’s mathcing.
  • Added support of aliases for the most popular email services.
  • Some minor outlook-related fixes.


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