version 0.15.1

  • Added ability to catch pages in PDF format. Adding %p to subject will do the trick.
  • Added ability to catch pages in image format (png) – %i to subject
  • Added new, regexp-based rules for deeper url match. It allows to tweak parsing for the different parts of the same site if needed.
  • Added detection and extraction of embedded youtube video
  • Added support for non-latin URLs
  • Implemented special parsing for twitter’s conversations
  • Added support for twipic images and surrounding text
  • Fixed incorrect detection of image type in Evernote
  • Fixed issue with relative image URL’s without leading /
  • Fixed issue with urls with “+” in web catcher
  • Improved instapaper & pocket forwarding
  • Header shows expanded url, not the short one

both PDF and PNG generators based on wkhtmltopdf


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